Friday, 28 May 2010

come to daddy

My arrival home last night was joyous, what made it so great was that though AG was in the living room and as soon as she heard my key in the door, she started crawling towards me along the corridor, it felt wonderful, and it was interesting to see that rather than crawling commando style, she's starting to crawl properly using her knees and so is getting even faster moving around the house, nothing is safe and I wouldn't have it any other way

Monday, 24 May 2010

Five years of staring at packets

Yesterday, started like any other weekend, nice swim with AG (she now has her "Starfish 2" swimming badge), home to mummy then breakfast.

Her breakfast tha morning was boiled egg white which she wolfed down, however a few minutes later she had rashes all over her face and arms as if we'd rolled her in stinging nettles.

After phoning NHS direct we found she is almost certainly allergic to egg and will normally grow out of it in five years.

But it's not really a problem it just means for the next five years we have of staring at ingrediant lists and make sure no medicine she is taking is bulked out with egg white.

Maybe we should just raise her as a vegan!

Pleased with herself

I went to get AG out of her cot the other day to find her very pleased with herself, she had worked out that if she lifted the cot bumper and reached through the bars she could just about reach the table where her changing equipment is kept.

She was particularly pleased with herself as it enabled her to fill her cot with plastic nappy sacks that are approximately the size of her head.

Needless to say I wasn't as pleased as she was.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Feverish with blue feet

I came home last night to find AG cuddling CK, this is very odd as AG is a very independant kid and would normally be up and off than cuddling someone.

Turns out she'd been out of sorts and a quick jab in the ear with the thermometer showed she had a fever, it was disconcerting when I then took her for her bath that she just lied there rather her normal splashing up a storm.

Thankfully after a night of " calpol" and wearing less bed clothes than normal she was almost back to her old self, waking CK by grabbing lumps of  CK's hair and giggling.

Not wanted to be "new parent-ish" we debated  taking her to the doctor but in the end CK took her to the health-visitor's clinic, though the health visitor was not worried about the fever she did notice AG blue-ish hands and feet which we've never particularly worried about and sent us off to the doctor.

The doctor in turn is sending AG to the hospital after somehow managing to put the unlikely combination of "probably nothing to worry about" and "Heart murmur" in the same sentence.

I don't think it's a big deal as its an ordinary apointment rather than an emergency and it might be because AG wouldn't be quiet and still for the doctor to use a stethoscope on her,  however I can't help but worry a little (but then again I am a new dad)

Friday, 7 May 2010

clever feet

During AG's bath last night all the water started unexpectedly draining away, the clever little monkey had managed to pull the plug by grabbing the chain with her toes.

I don't know what career a skill like that may lead to, but its an impressive trick!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Out-smarting the adults

I came home to find CK has bought an giant inflatable doughnut for AG to sit in, it's designed to to keep active baby's happy and in one place.

Whilst we finished our dinner we left her in it and noticed she was being quiet, we turned around to look at her and too find her trying out a few different escapology ideas, the last of which plopped her out on the carpet upon which she started smiling, and clapping and generally being very happy at her escape!

So here we are as grown-ups (sort of) being outsmarted by a seven-month old! we're going to have to be "on our toes" with this one.

Oh, and expect to see the "un-escapable" inflatable doughnut back on ebay!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

One step forward and two steps back

She is really mobile now, which is great for showing her off (you just put something down she shouldn't have and off she goes) but means when changing her nappy she doe's an impression of an eighties break dancers with leg and arms spinning everywhere.

She also picked up a cold and with her constant runny nose has made her bedsheets look a snail has been in there with her, she has also reverted to not sleeping through the night.

But, we've managed to secure the house a bit, have fitted a blackout curtain and thanks to its creche CK can now get down the gym so on the whole we're wining!