Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Feverish with blue feet

I came home last night to find AG cuddling CK, this is very odd as AG is a very independant kid and would normally be up and off than cuddling someone.

Turns out she'd been out of sorts and a quick jab in the ear with the thermometer showed she had a fever, it was disconcerting when I then took her for her bath that she just lied there rather her normal splashing up a storm.

Thankfully after a night of " calpol" and wearing less bed clothes than normal she was almost back to her old self, waking CK by grabbing lumps of  CK's hair and giggling.

Not wanted to be "new parent-ish" we debated  taking her to the doctor but in the end CK took her to the health-visitor's clinic, though the health visitor was not worried about the fever she did notice AG blue-ish hands and feet which we've never particularly worried about and sent us off to the doctor.

The doctor in turn is sending AG to the hospital after somehow managing to put the unlikely combination of "probably nothing to worry about" and "Heart murmur" in the same sentence.

I don't think it's a big deal as its an ordinary apointment rather than an emergency and it might be because AG wouldn't be quiet and still for the doctor to use a stethoscope on her,  however I can't help but worry a little (but then again I am a new dad)

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