Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Managing expectations

As usual bath time can be quite challenge, from persuading her there are inappropriate places on her brother to blow raspberry's to stopping her throwing water and toys out.

The most tiring is the battle over brushing teeth, just getting her to stay in the bathroom and give her teeth a good brushing would break the will of even the most hardened soldier.

I thought I'd cracked it last night however when I made a deal with her that she would get two books read to her if she stayed in the bathroom and did it properly.

From then on the bedtime routine all went rather smoothly but what I didn't realise is she thought the deal was three books, and had a look of shock when I stopped at two and put her to bed.

Once downstairs I could hear the call "daddy? daddy?" so after a while I went upstairs to find not only had she got out of her sleeping bag, she had escaped the bed and was waiting patiently by the door with her chosen third book.

It seems we have a determined negotiator on our hands.