Sunday, 24 October 2010

fun at the swimming pool

Every Sunday morning I take AG for her swimming practice ahead of her lessons on Monday, I must confess through I didn't really fancy it with my serious bout of man flu.

However, by the rules on "competitive parenting" you can't skip practice so off we went.

It started off pretty well with her doing one of her dives into the pool, what wasn't expecting for her to grab two great big lumps of my chest hair on the way past and for her to be left hanging in mid air, whilst my eyes watered.

In the pool we met one of her little friend that is the same age, her daddy then proceeded to show how great she was at recognising words for body parts.

On the way out we used the communal changing room, I got the manager to open it and I put AG inside in the playpen, then went out to get our stuff from the locker, what I didn't realise is the lock wasn't on the latch which resulted in her being locked in the room.

Panicked, with arm full of clothes I end up running after the manager shouting for him to open the door again.

Finally we are home safely and I'm now repeated singing "head, shoulders, knees and toes" to AG (as per the rules of competitive parenting).

CK points out it looks increasingly like I am in a fifties American family sitcom, I can't disagree!