Saturday, 28 November 2009


A lot has changed since I last wrote, AG learnt a new trick of waking herself up after kicking her sheets off in her sleep so she's now  sleeping in a sleeping bag which works well and tapered shape gives her the outline of a mermaid.

She now has her first beauty regime, this has started because she's getting dry skin because of a  condition called Cradle cap which is normal as she enters her third month, it now means I gently wash the dry skin away at bath time then in the morning she gets moisturised with olive oil. This mean every morning we now have a baby with shiny hair, soft skin and a the fragrance of Mediterranean salad.

Also after much stress by yours truly we now have our house and hope to move before christmas, first though comes  getting it ready, so expect me looking like a cross between a cleaner, gardener, electrician and decorator for the next few weeks!

Saturday, 21 November 2009


Well I got my first night out last Saturday, once baby was asleep CK settled into "Strictly come dancing" (Known eksewhere as "dancing with the stars")

Watch a show of frocks and cattyness wasn't really my thing, so instead I went to my local theatre bar where they had a drag night of cattyness and frocks!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

A gust of wind

We went out for a meal on a really windy Saturday.

As I was fiddling with the car , a worried van wound down his window and said "is that your pram?" I looked up and saw the pram had blown off the pavement,was halfway down the street, trundling up against the flow of traffic, shocked drivers are swerving out of the way and my CK and her mother looked on with the colour drained from their faces.

Luckily I had already load AG into the car!

Note for future, pram brakes are no match for the wind!

Saturday, 14 November 2009

changes a-pace

AG continues to change day on day, bigger, stronger, smarter. It's really great seeing these changes, when she in her activity centre she can now locate her football and give it a swift kick, she has a great smilewhich makes interacting with her rewarding, if she's in a playful mood and if you stick out your tongue,she'll do the same and  when she's in the bath she loves splashing.

Also now we've seemed to have go the hang of bedtime we are getting some time to ourselves before our own bedtime, we also seem to be less tired.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Bath-times are great

One of the highlights of my day now is bath-time, as well as the obvious, we also do it as part of her "getting ready  for bed" routine.

It really is a special time for us as any grumbles she has before hand,  melt away in the bath, she has a nice time splashing about whilst I tell her about my day and she even rewarded me yesterday with a lovely big smile.

I like being a dad.

Thursday, 5 November 2009


Life continues to get better and better.

The house purchase is finally coming together just a few more steps and we can pick a moving date! CK has switched into "bargain hunting for the house" mode and has already chalked up a bed, next in her sights is a dining room table.

One of the things that is really enabling for us is AG is getting into a rythym, and so CK can get out and about more with some confidence about what she needs to do at what time to keep AG happy, another nice thing is baby's a great conversation starter, Londoners that would keep to themselves are now having chats with us which is great.

At the weekend we had a glimpse into one of our potential futures, we went for Sunday lunch to my cousins house he and his wife were great host and he cooked great food, what was a real eye-opener was their two year old son, he has even more strength and stamina then the most boisterous of my nephews.

At two their son is able to pick up a full record case and carry it around with ease, he stronger that some children twice his age and the thing is he never stops, so where as we have become adept at squeezing the most out of the times AG is asleep, his parent don't seem to get that privilege, how will we cope? well we'll find out in two years time!