Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Last night AG had the second of her party's this time with just CK's father and his partner.

AG got the perfect present, her very own 80's style toy mobile phone, she must of spent twenty minutes having conversations on it and handing it around the table.

Tonight she has found a new game, when she spotted we both had ice-creams she started crawling back and forth between us, looking trying at each of us in the eye in an attempt to see who would give her some ice-cream, when we didn't succumbed to the puppy dog eyes she would crawl back to the other and repeat.

I can't help feeling she will keep practising this game till she gets exactly what she wants(for the rest of her life).

Monday, 20 September 2010

Birthday chums

I knew AG has a lot of friends but I wasn't aware how many there were till her birthday party yesterday for her friends.

There were wall-to-wall babies and toddlers everywhere and into everything, one even protested my choice of party music by turning the amp off!

AG and one of her friends decided to use the cover of the general hubbub to mount a climbing expedition of the stair case, another covered the living room floor with lemonade and the garden slide probably has never seen so much action in its thirty years of existence.

One boy took an interest in the pine-cones that litter our garden, so I challenged him to fill a big builders bucket with them, and he did, so I found him a bucket four times the size and filled that also, unfortunately he had to go home before I could challenge him to fill a wheelie bin.

All in all a great party, but needless to say, after a big clear-up, we had an early night(and went straight to sleep)

Friday, 17 September 2010

Oh what a beautiful morning

AG slept in till 7:20am this morning, yeah!!

To celebrate, when she came in our bedroom she gave us the kind of lovely cuddles where she rests her head on your chest, ahh bless.

Then as if to top in all, to amuse herself and daddy, she gave CK's nose some good long honks (for which I had to provide the sound-effects).

What a lovely way to start the day.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


AG was up and bouncing at 6:30 this morning, all ready for her day at nursery.

First things, first though, as soon as she was out of the cot she was crawling at a break-neck pace toward our bedroom to see mummy.

Now, it would be easy to assume she was looking for a cuddle and a kiss, but no, her object of attention was mummy's tummy, where she spent five minutes playing with it, singing to it, kissing it, blowing raspberry's on it and sticking her tongue in CK's belly button.

The raspberry's in particular were a great source of amusement for us all as it indicate her sense of humour is going to be just as silly as ours, hurrah!