Monday, 20 September 2010

Birthday chums

I knew AG has a lot of friends but I wasn't aware how many there were till her birthday party yesterday for her friends.

There were wall-to-wall babies and toddlers everywhere and into everything, one even protested my choice of party music by turning the amp off!

AG and one of her friends decided to use the cover of the general hubbub to mount a climbing expedition of the stair case, another covered the living room floor with lemonade and the garden slide probably has never seen so much action in its thirty years of existence.

One boy took an interest in the pine-cones that litter our garden, so I challenged him to fill a big builders bucket with them, and he did, so I found him a bucket four times the size and filled that also, unfortunately he had to go home before I could challenge him to fill a wheelie bin.

All in all a great party, but needless to say, after a big clear-up, we had an early night(and went straight to sleep)

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