Thursday, 16 October 2014

Ten months on

My last post was in February which makes me A. Guilty B.Thinking how time flies.

I am currently writing this sitting in the dining room of my parents house where we are living, firstly, don't panic, we havn't lost the house, we sold it and bought a new one. This of course will need to lead to the question, if you have bought a new house why aren't you living there? Well, it's because it not actually a new one its 80yrs old and needs a bit of work!

I guess at this point we should rewind a bit, we lived in a little house in Beckenham and we loved it, the area was great, the neighbours were great, everything was in walking distance, but......

Well I guess you knew there was a but coming, simply put, though we knew this wasn't our forever house we knew it'd fit our needs for a couple of years, but then in came time to choose schools, I know it doesn't seem like it, but AG is now 4 (going on 14) and it is time to choose schools and it turns out that the school catchment areas are so small we didn't get a choice!

Well, for us "no option, is not an option" so we have to move, I know it sounds like a big thing to do with so much going on in our lives but thats our crazy life.

Anyway, to cut a long story short we found a lovely old house in Hayes, its not the house we had our eye on but the estate agent showed it too us first and it felt like home.

A quarter way through

Inspired by reading about Robert Llewellyn's empty nest I thought I should give this diary an update.

AG has just had her 5th birthday, and whilst standing in the middle of a draughty church hall surrounded by screaming kids hyped-up on hummus that I am a over a quarter-way through the nurturing part of my journey with her.

wow, that was quick.