Monday, 28 February 2011

Three house guests, one trashed laptop, one tidy garage, one swapped bedroom and a big fat tumble dryer

Another weekend zipped by in our preparation for the arrival of the boy.

It didn't start off too well with a virus crashing the hard-drive of CK's windows skype laptop.

However things soon picked up with the arrival her great-grandfather and enough vegetables to sink a battleship and her grandmother who proceeded to turn it into enough soup that you could then re-float it again.

A day out for AG and big tidy-up of the garage followed, the plan being to turn it into a utility room to cope with the increased amount of washing, our efforts were rewarded with a local Italian meal, nice.

Then onto Sunday and following the arrival of my Irish friend we swapped the guest and children's rooms over and added in AG's new cute little bed, which she found made for a good trampoline, hiding place, climbing frame and no-where that she was interested in sleeping.

Then a flying visit to my parents to fix some lighting and then home to a vampire program and a well earned beer.

Up again with the dawn on Monday to take delivery of a tumble dryer for our utility room before heading to work and wondering where the weekend went!

Thursday, 24 February 2011

a few of my favourite things

*Brushing my daughters hair
*Her cheeky smiley look
*The way she looks like her mother when she yawns
*That she likes pressing her face up against glass and making silly faces
*That she came up with the idea of changing her dolly's nappy all by itself
*The way she'll present you with a book she has decided she wants read
*That she likes getting out her old birthday cards and going through them one by one
*that she runs to her own timetable and has little ways of telling us bath time, bed time etc.
*that she says "bye bye" and waves to people

Monday, 14 February 2011

Behold the green-eyed monster

We only have a month and a half now till baby boy will be with us, so it was time for an evil experiment.

At a family party we borrowed my brothers three weeks old baby and had CK cuddle him, we then watched our spaghetti Bolognese stained daughter toddle over and try to force herself up onto her mum’s lap for a piece of the action.

So far our preparations have been reading stories about babies joining family’s and giving her a realistic doll to play with, looks like we need to go back to the drawing board, because the clock is ticking…