Saturday, 28 November 2009


A lot has changed since I last wrote, AG learnt a new trick of waking herself up after kicking her sheets off in her sleep so she's now  sleeping in a sleeping bag which works well and tapered shape gives her the outline of a mermaid.

She now has her first beauty regime, this has started because she's getting dry skin because of a  condition called Cradle cap which is normal as she enters her third month, it now means I gently wash the dry skin away at bath time then in the morning she gets moisturised with olive oil. This mean every morning we now have a baby with shiny hair, soft skin and a the fragrance of Mediterranean salad.

Also after much stress by yours truly we now have our house and hope to move before christmas, first though comes  getting it ready, so expect me looking like a cross between a cleaner, gardener, electrician and decorator for the next few weeks!

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