Thursday, 5 November 2009


Life continues to get better and better.

The house purchase is finally coming together just a few more steps and we can pick a moving date! CK has switched into "bargain hunting for the house" mode and has already chalked up a bed, next in her sights is a dining room table.

One of the things that is really enabling for us is AG is getting into a rythym, and so CK can get out and about more with some confidence about what she needs to do at what time to keep AG happy, another nice thing is baby's a great conversation starter, Londoners that would keep to themselves are now having chats with us which is great.

At the weekend we had a glimpse into one of our potential futures, we went for Sunday lunch to my cousins house he and his wife were great host and he cooked great food, what was a real eye-opener was their two year old son, he has even more strength and stamina then the most boisterous of my nephews.

At two their son is able to pick up a full record case and carry it around with ease, he stronger that some children twice his age and the thing is he never stops, so where as we have become adept at squeezing the most out of the times AG is asleep, his parent don't seem to get that privilege, how will we cope? well we'll find out in two years time!

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