Saturday, 31 October 2009

six weeks!

well, CK pointed something interesting to me, at four weeks when the going seemed to be tough, a lot of people had pointed out that "at six weeks it'l be better, everything will have settled down" though we couldn't quite believe it at the time, hear we are at six weeks and it turns out to be true.

I have just settled her down, and at five-thirty/six she'll be ready for dinner, I'll bath her at six-forty (with a nursery rhyme cd in the background) and finger crossed she'll be settled  by half-seven.

We have had upto five hours between feeds (unfortunately not at night) so things are looking up.

As we get more confident we are venturing out more and the friends we made at NCT baby classes are proving to be an invaluable support network.

Her hair proper is being to grow and as we hoped its on the "ginger spectrum", she is also occasionaly giving lovely smiles which is really rewarding.

The house we are buying seems to be coming together as well as is my job.

Now if she'll just sleep through the night.....

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