Tuesday, 13 October 2009

gurgle gurgle shoop shoop beep

Well what have we been up to, well yesterday we took AG to the registry office, this is the department of local government that officially adds AG to government systems and registers us as her parents, we had an appointment for them opening at nine, we of course got their early but found the door locked and found we were expected to wait outside in the cold, lucky a baby seems to act as a magic passport in these situations and were able to persuade another part of the building to let us wait with them.

My consolation for waiting I thought, would be that if they are a stickler for opening times, they must be a stickler for time in general, would be on time for our appointment, nope, after waiting twenty minutes in front of an advert for funerals (they register deaths and weddings as well) one of the co-workers of the person we were meant to have an appointment with took pity on us and took the appointment instead.

Well, the paperwork is done now, I am now officially the daddy and as I fall asleep am awakened by AG new trick, sound effects, she has sound effects now for every occasion, the funniest being her impression of a failing hot water heater that she does when feeding, I fall asleep with her making "gurgle gurgle shoop shoop beep" noises in the background.

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