Monday, 5 October 2009

Lessons learned

We went for my mum's legendary Sunday lunch earlier where AG met the whirlwind of energy that is her cousins.

AG's cousins are boys of three and six, the three year old could have a book of tales written about his exploits already, mainly because he has strong ideas of what he wants to do, doesn't wait for permission and has the brains and energy to carry them out! He surprise for everyone today was almost climbing out a first floor bathroom window so he could wave to his brother in the garden!

So lesson one for the day, just because it looks out of reach doesn't mean they can't work out a way to get it in-reach!

After a lovely big roast dinner we headed off to meet our NCT friends, AG was a bit grumbly but as we were running a little late we hoped a ride in the car would sort her out. This was to be the next lesson, investigate grumbles whilst its easy to do so, because as we drove along we treated to such a loud and regular bout of  wailing that made passers-by were  looking around for who's alarm was going off! We ended up risking the cars interior by changing her nappy in a car-park!

now daddy's lesson's are learned for the day, how do we teach baby 4:30am is not an appropriate time to be wide awake?

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