Thursday, 8 October 2009

sleep thief

I saw someone write "anyone got any sleep to spare, I'll pay cash", boy do we know what that means. I mean in the grand scheme of things we've been very lucky, with a "chilled" baby and as cute as a button, but we can't wait until she settles into a routine.

Sleep is something we have found to become something quite rare and limited and only through giving up a little sleep of our own to stay awake with baby that the other person sleeps.

I don't know how single parents can do it.

I realise I am not making any sense, probably because from 4:30 to 5:45 I was gently bouncing a wide awake baby to sleep whilst watching a documentary.

that all said CK has this all day, where as I go to an office who is having  a celebration week of quiz's, video games and pizza she is even making a hundred mile round trip with her dad to see her paternal grandmother and family.

She is superhuman and her love her to bits, oh and by the way "anyone got any sleep to spare, I'll pay cash"

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