Monday, 28 March 2011


Picture the scene, it's early Sunday morning and AG and I are getting changed in a tiny cubicle after a swim.

I've managed to get her changed and now it's my turn, it's then that I noticed she had prostrated herself on the floor, rotated her head on her side and is wiggling out through the tiny gap under the door.

So here I am, in a cubicle naked as the day I was born with a toddler who is happy to of escaped and is now running around unsupervised outside in the changing room.

I had to think quickly and with no time pull pull my trunks back on ended up running around the changing room after her with a towel barely covering my embarrassment,

AG of course, thought this was a great game and ran even faster and tried even harder to avoid capture, eventually I got her back to the cubicle and I was able to start changing again, then I noticed her trying to escape all over again..

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