Monday, 7 December 2015

We are approaching Xmas 2015 and the kids are in the full swing of it (though the grownups are a little more reluctant)

Little AG is now now a full-blown reader who is proficient enough to decode what we're saying when we s p e l l  t h i n g s  o u t so any time we've secretly tried to discuss winter ice-skating (which is high on her "bucket list ") she join in with trying to persuade her reluctant mother.

Mr T is also quite a personality, when we went to the local farm shop a magician was there selling his wares, so impress was T that he grabbed the cars remote and would show anyone who'd listen how he could unlock the car " with the power of my mind"

Luckily for us their teachers are impressed with their precocity, I feel like one lucky daddy.

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