Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The best laid schedules of mice and men

Christmas is almost here and the relatively small amount of snow we've had has thrown the country's transport system into chaos, rail services are being canceled or running restricted services, motor ways have turned to ice rinks, the roads to car park and trains have been breaking down in under-sea tunnels.

The biggest problems for us has been that parts of America are having the same sort of issues which stopped CK sisters “the pink whirlwind” arriving at the weekend.. She has managed to reschedule to a different flight, this time going through Chicago which is better equipped for cold weather so should deliver her successfully on Christmas Eve.

Fingers crossed that this new flight goes without a hitch as it will be the first time she and AG will meet in person, this should be a great family Christmas and will be really touching to see AG and her Auntie bonding.

I can't wait!

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