Tuesday, 5 January 2010

busy new year!

Happy new year!!

Well we've had a busy one, now we have a place big enough, we are enjoying having people visit and or  stay over.

It's really nice having people stay over especially as our guests tend to “slot right in” and become part of our life.

AG is changing, she loves sticking her fingers, hands and any nearby toys into her mouth, this combined with her constant dribbling might mean teeth are on their way.

She also getting up more during the night, I don't know how CK is coping !

She's outgrown her “moses” basket and is now in the cot, she holds her head up herself and can twist her body around you can't turn your back on her for a second!

She also hardly fits in her little bath now, so its time to investigate alternatives.

I'm coming to the end of my Christmas break now and tomorrow return to work, it'll be really strange after our busy little break and being constantly around my  little family.

So my last holiday approaches we'll start with a visit from our friends L and E and their family, then I'm off to see a Panto then when I return the Thuggets will visit.

Auntie G's visit is also coming to an end, it has been really special her being here for Christmas, AG and her have really bonded and she has been a great help with childcare, it'll be weird to see her returning to being a face on a video call, however she is going to return in the summer for a long trip which will be here before we know it and before she goes she will baby sit for a night so we may have a night out together, we are going to see a play I did a lighting design for.

busy, busy, busy

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