Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Hat-on Hat-off Hat-on Hat-off Hat-on Hat-off

AG like me and especially CK is very fair skinned, so it it important on our unusually sunny April days that she wears a hat.

Now given that she will pull on her winter woolly hat when she wants to go out you would think that the transition to a nice pink sun hat would be easy.

Well..no, the whole of Sunday was spent replacing it on her head, you would think it was something to do with comfort but her woolly hat is quite tight now and her cycle helmet is ungainly but she has not problem with either.

We have even all tried demonstrating how cool it is to wear, even CK's father had a go (oh the dignity of parenthood)

Perhaps its the rather unfashionable elastic chin strap or bubblegum pink colour, whatever it is we are currently doomed to retrieving the hat from wherever she has last discarded it and spoiling her triumph by replacing it on her head.

Hat-on Hat-off Hat-on Hat-off Hat-on Hat-off

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