Monday, 23 August 2010

11th Month

We are entering AG's eleventh month and she is changing almost day on day.

She can climb the stairs quickly and with no regard to safety or parents blood pressure.

She is now in nursery three days a week and is getting great report cards every day

She can speed around the room on all fours but when she gets to her destination more often than not she'll pull herself upright, she's even started pulling herself up on to her walker and started stumbling around.

When given food she likes she will feed herself (in the messy-ist, noisiest way possible).

She makes hisses, ma-ma-ma and da-da-da sounds constantly

She's had a sleepover at my parents without us.

She's started sleeping through (hopefully she'll keep at it this time).

And given that everything 80's is currently in vogue, her mullet hairstyle must make her very fashionable indeed. (though we do hope she grows it out into something more sensible for my sisters wedding in six weeks time).

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