Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Monkey bum

Changing Nappy's is rarely fun and now she is moving around even less so.

When we first started off, wherever you put her she would just lie there and the contents of her nappy would be just be something uniquely babyish.

Now, you lie her down to change her and before you've even cleaned her she's spinning like a break-dancer and trying to grab everything around her, further more, now she is eating solids, there is no doubt in what the nappy's contents are.

To make it even more "interesting" because of teething or reacting against things she can get rash-y, for example, currently below the nappy line she resembles a cross between a baboons rear-end and a warshak test, thankfully the rash cream is helping her.

Apparently at about a year and half they come out of nappy's, oh what a happy day that'll be.

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