Monday, 9 August 2010

another milestone

Another weekend whooshes past.

We started out with a date-night as CK's mum was baby sitting, which was a nice way to start the weekend.

Then Saturday morning started early when AG decided 6am was the time to rise and shine. I had plans to help out at the local theatre that day but the plans where quickly brought to an end when AG decided to climb then tumble down a couple of steps in the few seconds our backs were turned.

Cue a dash to the shops and the rest of the day spent fitting stair-gates(which I should of done when she first started climbing, bad dad, bad dad), as compensation for my tattered plans AG now says "da-da-da" which I obviously interpret as a indication of great linguistic skill and the start of a clear career path to being a celebrated poet.

Sunday started with her normal practice session for her swimming lesson (being an Olympic swimmer is part of her career path) where she was playing catch with one of the other babys (well I say catch, he would throw the ball, she grab it and try to eat it at which point I'd flick it back and he would throw it again, very cute)

We then went to my parents for a walk with my mum and had dinner with my brother and his expectant Spanish wife, they were in the area as they were collecting a super fashionable pushchair system they had bought on ebay.

After such a busy day we all collapsed asleep that night.

This week should be interesting because as well as AG hectic social calender she will be going for her trial sessions at the nursery as next week, CK returns to work. CK return to work will be an interesting change for us and I think going to nursery will be really great for our sociable little girl.

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