Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Bound to the baby like a modern dad should

Well we had a good night and I started the day with AG lying on my chest finding it a fun game to grab fist fulls of chest hair and tug as hard as she could!

Then we went off to register at the doctor wearing the badge of middle class dad-hood, the baby sling!

Though I was aware that even if I tucked a guardian newspaper under my arm I couldn't look more "modern dad" I must say it was really comfortable!

I then treated CK to her first soft cheese experience in nine months (lightly toasted bread sandwich of grilled  green pepper and brie) and had an impromptu visit from a friend, all good so far!

Then had a game of "guess the grumble" settling down AG to sleep, eventually when I exhausted every option just leaving her did the trick, though not the easist thing to do as the slightest peep from her tugs the heartstrings hard!

soon off to bed myself, hopefully it'll be an easy night.

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