Friday, 25 September 2009

Day 3 The rollercoaster continues – Thursday 24

I wake up, upside down, sharing a single hospital bed.

I feel like hell, we been up constantly through the night with tests, tests more tests and difficult feeds that need the nurses assistance, well must stop feeling  sorry for myself, strong face on!

At six we head back to intensive care for a lumber-puncture, this is to find out if the infection is in the brain, they hit us with a big scary word that describes what they are looking for, meningitis.

Day three is legendary for mums to feel low, I must admit, I am feeling really low myself how can we go from such highs to this? An unexpectedly cheery doctor walks in, as he talks to us he realises no-one has told us the lumber puncture was all clear, the hands us both tissues as we feel the pressure release, in short now, further tests will keep in check but the future is bright.

By 8:30 I apparently look and respond like a zombie, a short bicycle ride later I flump into my bed at home.

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