Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Four-wheeled temptation

We as a couple would call ourselves a bit "green" we eat more vegetable than animal, unplug things when we are not using them, cycled more than 100 miles a week between us to work, we even used to comically lug our weekly shop back on the bikes in a way that would of made Laurel and Hardy proud. CK's pregnant belly grew, so did our reliance on that tempting devil, the car, last weekend I even made a 90 minute round trip in it just to collect some posh pizza for dinner.

Last night however I felt justified in collecting her for a girls night out up in town, it was late, the area a little dodgy and traveling I thought would be really awkward. So there I stood outside the restraunt, the dashing hero with puffed chest, ready to transport his Lady safely to her abode, that is, until the bus that would have taken her all the way for free, passed the door of the restaurant and even beat us home, oh the shame.....

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