Friday, 11 September 2009

It's not easy being green...

Following my green post the other day, the question a was posted, is being green and having children mutually exclusive?

It's quite a good question, now admittedly I have somewhat of a bias but I think raising Children are the key to our future.

This is because for the good work we are doing now to continue and for the world to evolve toward a bright future, we need the next generation to be be full of smart, world aware people with good understandings of science and technology.

Which is what I fully intend to raise.

So am I smart and green enough to raise my children my children with the minimum of negative enviormental impact? Yes.
Will my children as a result be green? Though it will be ultimately up them, I would say Yes.

Is raising children automatically un-green?

Defiantly not.

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