Friday, 25 September 2009

Day 2 Roller-coasters go down as well as up -Wednesday 23

Well here I am back at hospital, CK's not had much sleep as missy's had a busy night, oh well we'll be home soon, a few tests and feeds later and our visitors begin, this is great, I can't wait to get her home for a walk her around the park, she seems to be quite inactive today, this parenting lark should be easy!

It's 6pm someone has ripped out my beating heart and showed it to me, an infection indicator in AG's blood called CRP is high, they worry if it is twice what it should be, but it's not, its ten times. I want to cry and scream but I have to be strong.

An hour on and we are in intensive care, getting a valve fitted to her for the anti-biotic injection every  twelve hours, as the valve will be there for a week, they need a solution to stop her fiddling with it, so my baby now a sock on her hand and looks like she has three legs.

My brother has come to visit, just as another blood test comes in, she has jaundice, but at least we now get a private room and our baby is the same room gets a nice suntan lamp and heated cot, she's going to look like she fresh from a holiday in Southern spain

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