Sunday, 27 September 2009

Day 6 - a whirling dirvish

Its 2pm and I am running around the flat in a whirlwind, but why? Well the day started simply enough with me waking in the slum I have turned the house into, getting to the hospital to find them asleep and spending the day with them just chilling, then the doc' comes to see me to say shes going home!

Uh-oh, I planned to clean up tonight, I zip back to the flat and make it liveable, my parents collect me and an hour later we walk out into the sunlight with baby, we bump into a friend as we leave the hospital and then we're home.

We pop open some champagne for us, my parents and CK's dad and partner then I rustle up a little dinner (home-made carrot and coriander soup to start, baked mushrooms with melted Spanish cheese for main) then her dad and I "wet the baby's head" (drink a spirit in her name) with a ten year old glen morangie.

I am now happy, content and heading to bed!  

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